House Committee Report December 2007.

When I became House Chairman, in February, I decided the first thing I needed to do was to go around the club and see what work had to be done. It became noticeable, very quickly, that the club had been neglected badly and that a number of essential maintenance items had not been done for a number of years eg the boilers in both pavilions had not been serviced for at least 5 years and the boiler on the lower ground was running 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I then decided to appoint a committee of 'doers more than talkers'

I was informed very early on that the budget I needed to work to was extremely small. The number one priority was to have a new roof over the spirit locker replaced as it was leaking very badly. Thankfully funds were made available from the 50 Club and I am very grateful to Wilf Johnstone. We then repaired the ceiling in the main cellar and painted the whole of the cellar area. I felt this area needed to be upgraded as any inspection from an outside source would have been an embarrassment and a possible closure of the cellar. This could have meant all sources of income over the bar ceasing.

Another area that needed upgrading was the Members bar. The carpet was threadbare and some of the woodwork needed attention. We varnished all the woodwork and then had a very generous donation from DHL for the new carpet and vinyl floor covering. We then decided to “lighten up” the function room. Whilst painting the room we discovered that the dance floor had two holes in it and that one of them was very dangerous and as the number of functions held in the room is a very good source of income we decided to replace the floor quickly.

As I have previously said the boilers had not been serviced for a number of years but we have now got both boilers on an annual service contract. We also have a weekly cleaning contract of both toilets in the main pavilion and I think you will agree this is money well spent.

I do not wish to go through all the tasks we have completed but before I finish I must thank the following people for all their help, encouragement, financial support and above all the fantastic camaraderie we have;

Tom Hughes in getting the finances for the carpet and vinyl floor covering in the members bar,

Tom Yates in donating 5 tonnes of hardcore for the drive up to the cellar.

Alan Moss in purchasing the hand drier in the male toilet.

Harry Wright in getting the club up to standard for 'Clean Air' and 'No Smoking'.

Leo Martin who does so many jobs around the club that would probably not get done and also makes a very fine cup of tea.

To Joe for painting both the changing rooms and shower area in the main pavilion.

To Phil, the cleaner, who keeps the pavilion sparkling.

To Charlie O'Mahony for his help and support throughout this year and especially when repairing and painting the broken benches on the ladies lawn.

Finally to Dave Cunningham with whom I have spent many happy hours on Mondays and Thursdays painting cellars, corridors, toilets, function room, bar etc. With Dave and Charlie's positive attitude the impossible has been achieved but miracles will take a little longer.

Finally, I am sorry to the people who use the lower ground pavilion. I have not been able to do much work down there but I felt that I had 1 make the main pavilion my priority. If I am re-elected next year, I promise, I will spend time on the lower ground pavilion.

Paul Foulder