During the year we were very sad to hear of the death of Frank Hetherington, Tom Seabury, Thelma Cowley, Len Pilkington, Sylvia Roberts, Harold Wolfe, Brian Johnson and Liam Costello whose untimely death was a shock to us all. They will be sadly missed.


The changes in the Board took place in February 07 and it was not until late March that we fully appreciated the true state of the club’s finances.


Charlie O’Mahony (Business Chair) and Paul Foulder (House Chair) have led their relevant committees from the front and have made substantial changes to the partners with whom we do business with.


The Business Committee has negotiated a deal with Hydes Brewery which will reduce our costs and make a significant alteration to our loan arrangements. The latter will change from a barrelage base to an interest free loan repayable in manageable instalments over ten years or less.


A major tribute must be paid to Jim Pinsent who has been invaluable during negotiations with Tetleys and Hydes Breweries. Jim’s legal training in advising the Board and finalising the contract on the club’s behalf has taken up many hours of his time. Thank you, Jim.


The club has returned to a self catering option for functions in order to encourage more business and we now have several suggested caterers for clients who wish to use them.


The House Committee has worked hard to improve the club facilities with great success for members and guests visiting the club.

Projects have been underway since April 07 including replacing the roof over the garage and spirit locker. A weekly contract cleaning and sanitizing of toilets has been implemented. A new carpet and vinyl flooring have been fitted in the members’ bar and the dance floor has been replaced in the function room.

Many other items have been repaired or replaced so much so that if you stood still in the club during the winter months a paint brush would be placed in your hand!


Tributes must be paid to a number of people who have helped keep the club on course through an extremely difficult financial year. The amount of time Charlie and Paul spend looking after your club is phenomenal. A big thank you must go to Joan and Marylyn for sharing so much of their husbands’ time with us.


Bob Paisley and Geof Pollard have worked extremely hard to keep the club afloat and ensure a tight reign over the club’s budgets.


The above improvements would not have been achieved without the fantastic efforts and time put in by the following people:-


Leo Martin, John Garnett, and Robert Jobson, (The Three Musketeers) who keep the Board under constant supervision and brighten up the clubhouse with their camaraderie and sense of humour!

Tommy Nixon and Joan O’Mahony for maintaining the garden and the front of the pavilion. Which always looks at their best?

A big thanks also to Terry Riley, Tom Yates and Graham Williams for their support over the last twelve months.


Wilf Johnstone has continued to support the finances of the club by managing the 100 club. This support has been invaluable in the running of the club and I would like to thank Wilf for his involvement. I am sure he would welcome new members in 2008.


On the field our first X1 missed out on promotion after getting into a favourable position only to slip up in the final weeks. The decision not to employ a professional last season ensured the club kept financially sound and did not deter from the enjoyment of our Saturday afternoons.

I will leave the detail of the season to the Chair and captains in their relevant reports.


Clubmark is a status which we are required to achieve by the League. I am happy to report after a lot of hard work by Chris Wylie (Cricket Chair), Ted Williams and Ben Moore, the Clubmark accreditation was awarded by the ECB during 2007.


John Wylie who took the Junior Section over from Howie Baird last season deserves a lot of credit for maintaining Sefton’s flourishing Junior section over the year


Steve Briggs, faced with at times quite trying circumstances and equipment, has done a tremendous job with the quality of pitches on both grounds. Unfortunately the weather prevented us playing on a number of weekends.


We are also grateful to Dave and Graham Smith who continue to do an excellent job looking after the scoring and the scoreboard for the first X1.


Finally, a big thank you to Dave Cunningham, Joe Patrick and Phyllis Andrews

for ensuring the club always looks welcoming to members and visitors.

Dave puts a lot more hours into the club than he is contracted to in order to maintain our income in both bars.

We have received many compliments from visitors using the function room in praising Dave and his team on the excellent customer service they received.


Here’s hoping we have better weather in 2008 to enjoy our cricket but also enjoy what is a magnificent club.


Hon Secretary

Feb 2008