House Chairmanís Report for 2008.


The House Committee have had another busy year.We have again painted all the down stairs areas, this will be 2 years in succession that these areas have been painted.We have also installed new lights in the function room to replace the original lights.I had hoped to replace the carpet in the function room but unfortunately finances were not available.The outside of the club has also been painted to halfway up the exterior. We replaced the floor covering in the function room bar and upgraded the bar.We installed a dartboard and this has proved a great success.We painted the large room in the lower pavilion and thanks to Eric and his team of table tennis players who painted it again.I must thank a number of members of the club for donating items that we have used to improve the look of the club. Firstly Mr. & Mrs. Sayle donated all the curtains that have been hung up in the function room,when the curtains arrived they had been professionally cleaned, Mr. Tom Yates donated a new bottle chiller unit for the memberís bar,Graham Williams for providing the finances for the television in the members bar and Mr. T. Riley for numerous painting items.My biggest thanks must go to the small team I have around me namely Dave, Leo, Joe and Phyllis but the person I must thank more than anyone is John Garnett, I only have to say,Ē I think we should do thisĒ and itís done.He has taken over selling the bonus ball every Saturday and it sells out every week.Without people like him and a number of others like him the club would suffer.


Paul Foulder

House Chairman