The meeting commenced at 7.40pm with R.A. Paisley (Chairman) in the Chair.

30 members attended.


1. Apologies.            J. Pinsent, R. Surtees, D. Thornton, Mr & Mrs E Turner.


2. President’s Welcome. The President warmly welcomed the members to the meeting. He told members that there was no doubt a change of attitude within the club and congratulated the Board in achieving this as this was noticed by a relaxed membership at the meeting. The club was facing considerable financial problems which the Board is determined to overcome.


3. Chairman’s Report. The report from Chairman Robert Paisley was circulated to the meeting.


4. Minutes of the 2007 AGM. The minutes of the 2007 AGM having been circulated were taken as read on a proposal by L. Martin seconded by J. Kelly and carried nem con,


5. Matters Arising. No matters arising.


6. Secretary’s Report. The Secretary’s Report was part of the Annual report. It was taken as read and adopted on a proposal by B. Vyner and seconded on by S. Briggs.


7. Treasurer’s Report and Statement of Accounts. The Financial reports and statement of Accounts for the year ended 31st October 2007 was submitted.

The Treasurer told members that the accounts have not been finalised as there was a problem with the database and the auditor is on holiday. Taking over half way through the financial year with no previous experience meant it tokk time to understand the current accounting system. The final accounts will be published on the website shortly. For 2007/08 accounts will be in a different format.

Pavilion expenditure includes all new carpets, new dance floor and new roof for the beer cellar. Some of this expenditure was financed by donations from “anonymous’ sources. Security costs (other than call outs) are also included in this line.

Utilities costs include the repayment of a bill to EON for gas and electricity used in 2005/06 which had not been paid. An interest free loan of £300 was given by a member to help pay this bill. The loan is being repaid at £100 per month until December 2009.

Income from transfers is money which was taken from deposit accounts to keep the club solvent. There are no reserves left

The 50 club has approximately £3500 in the account which will used to pay monthly winners and also is matched to loans by members of £3500 which are due for repayment in December 2008.

The outstanding loan to Tetley Walker was £43000 on the 31st Octoober2008.



From the Floor:

(1)        W Johnstone asked why a lossed cheque was written against expenditure. The             Treasurer advised that this was during accounting year 2006 and could not       give an answer.

(2)        E.D. Williams asked if the deposit account stands at £21.95 is the club solvent.

            The Treasurer responded by telling members that the Club’s financial position             as perilous and is managing on a month to month basis to pay incoming bills.             The board are determined to turn around the financial position during this       coming year.

(3)        E.D. Williams requested that financial accounts be generated prior to the    AGM for members to analyse the club’s financial position. The Treasurer gave             a commitment to have audited accounts available prior to the AGM.

(4)        The President advised members that the Club’s financial position was being    closely monitored on a weekly basis by the Board.

(5)        C.I. O’Mahony agreed with E. D. Williams and advised members that the        clubs income and expenditure was being controlled by having strict budgets in             place for 2007/2008.


There being no further questions the Treasurer’s Report be adopted provisionally and The Board to approve the final set of accounts.

Proposed P. Foulder seconded by B. Vyner and carried


8. Subscriptions 2008 subscriptions would remain the same as 2007.


9. Constitution Change. The Board proposed a single change to the Club constitution.

            Four members be co-opted

Proposed by J.Garnett and seconded by P. Foulder.


10. Election of Officers and Committee Members.


                                                Name                           Proposed             Seconder

PRESIDENT                           M.W.Poole                  T J Hughes R A Paisley

CHAIRMAN                           R. Paisley              J M Ledger Mrs J Kelly

SECRETARY                          T.J.Hughes                   P W Foulder            H L Martin

TREASURER                          G.Pollard                     R A Paisley  C J Pinsent

MEMBERSHIP SEC.             R.Paisley                     H L Martin  P W Foulder

CRICKET CHAIR                        C.Wylie                      R A Paisley  C J Pinsent

FIXTURE SECRETARY            D.Cunningham  J M Ledger T J Hughes

CHILD WELFARE OFFICER H Baird                C Wylie   R Houghton

JUNIOR PLAYERS SEC            E.D.Williams                C Wylie   R A Paisley

CLUB & 1St Eleven CAPT            R.Houghton                  J M Ledger C Wylie

DEVELOPMENT                   Vacant

HOUSE CHAIR                        P. Foulder                        T J Hughes C I O’Mahony

BUSINESS CHAIR                        C.I.O’Mahony                        P W Foulder            T J Hughes

BOARD MEMBERS                 Mrs J Kelly                C I O’Mahony C Wylie

                                                J.Ledger                       R A Paisley  T J Hughes                                                 C. J. Pinsent             R A Paisley  T J Hughes                                                 H.L. Martin              Mrs J Kelly    R Houghton                    


The above were proposed and seconded, were taken en bloc and were approved nem.con

The Chairman thanked Ben Moore who was stepping down from Club and First Eleven Captain for his excellent captaincy during his term of office.


C.I.O’Mahony also thanked Ben who has been a genuine captain of Sefton Park Cricket Club, not just for the first eleven but to all cricketers in the club.


11. Appointment of Auditor. Mr. Peter Colvin was proposed by Geof Pollard and seconded by Jean Wharton and carried nem con.


12. Any Other Business.

(1)        J.Kelly proposed a vote thanks to Leo Martin, John Garnett and Robert Jobson             for all their hard work in the pavilion and on the ground.

(2)            E.D.Williams advised members that he had developed a five year plan for the club and this was presented to the ECB which went towards achieving ECB             Clubmark.

            Having the Clubmark, opens up negotiations for grants during the coming             year.

            He also voiced his disappointment that a vacancy exists on the Board for a             Development Chair, particularly that the club will be celebrating 150 years             anniversary in 2010. We need to be doing something now to celebrate.

            Last winter the League implemented a coaching scheme for local boys, this             year all clubs will have the opportunity to put names forward to enrol. This is             funded by fines paid by the clubs for not dealing with administration.

(3)        Tom Nixon advised members that he will reluctantly have to stop doing any       work on the gardens due to personal reason.

(4)             C.I.O’Mahony proposed a vote of thanks to Ted Williams for the invaluable             work he has put in on behalf of the club.

            He also expressed his great thanks to Tom Nixon for all his marvellous efforts   he does for the club even though he is in his 90th year.

            Also to Jan Kelly who is an unsung hero within the club for the activities she             does behind the scenes


There being no further business the meeting closed at 08.50 p.m.


Tom Hughes


February 2008.