Midweek XI Explained

The Midweek XI is back and skipper Steve Briggs's team is taking shape (anyone else looking for a game please contact him)

We leave it to Steve to explain his team and tactics starting with the game against Liverpool on June 20th.

"I'm pleased to report that we have a squad of 12 for the forthcoming cancellation (due to weather this time!) at 'HQ'

As the School holidays and the player reserves they provide are not yet here, this bodes well for the future of the Wednesday team imo.

Featuring this week (in no particular order) will be:

S. Briggs (Team Captain - Village)
S. Lomas (Scooby Doo's mate)
J. Pearce (Lucas Leiva's mate)
D. Horton (Sir to you)
K. Walton (Degsy? slayer)
Mystery student number 1 (No's 2 to 5 on standby)
D. Finch (Team Pro)
R. Jobson (Expert pitch adviser as Wylo isn't playing)
N.Saunders (Team irritant)
M. Boyns (Chief recruitment officer. Can streak if we're bored)
I Kelly (Should be expressing his angst in poetry as prone to melancholic introspection but will probably open the batting instead)
Brian (the rock and roll years have taken their toll) Viner is being held in reserve and though Charlie Blackburn and Arkle have slipped through my grip this week, they have expressed an interest in future engagements.
Weather Forecast - Poor but you never know? (They've got covers)
Umpire - Dave ''smiffy' Smith booked.
Scorer - Saul - Possibly
Team Strategy
After much discussion but very little movement, the fielders that arrive on time will eventually be positioned in a circle around the opposition batsmen. It's unlikely that position will be much altered to save time.Three or four of our half decent bowlers will attempt to get them out. When they've got to about 120-0 Finchy will come on and rip through the heart of the team and then be relieved by a couple of tweakers to let the oppo dec on 200.
Your captain will retire to the bar, to observe the flashing blades of our batsmen who will knock 'em off for the loss of eight in the final over.
Losing is a possibility but not without a fight. That's why Kev's playing. Who he's going to fight I can't tell you; it could be anyone. SMC, though not able to feature this week is understudying the role.
Bookings for the following events are now being taken:
June 27 - St Margarets - Home
July 4 - Liverpool - Home
July 11 - SFX - Home
Aug 1 - Wyncote Ramblers - Home
Aug 8 - Manweb - home (thank god)
Aug 14 - Camden - home
Aug 15 - Bath CC (Captained by Lucas Leiva's mate) - home
Aug 22 - Alder - home

Demand is high so book early!