Ted Williams selected for England Over 70 squad

Congratulation to Ted Williams who has been selected in the 18 man over 70 squad for an Ashes series against Australia

The squad is :-

Martin Pearse   Capt.       Norfolk
Chris Lees   Vice Capt.    Cheshire
Micky Swain                     Hampshire
George Fox                      Leicestershire
John Stuck                       Essex
Neil Blackey                     Hampshire
Ron Walton                      Wales
Ted Williams                    Cheshire
Colin Breed                     Kent
Alan Hitchmough            Derbyshire
David Ingham                 Northamptonshire
Stuart Lott                       Devon
Martin Woodward           Worcestershire
Ray Clarke                     Surrey
David Gambie                Devon
Jeff Baxter                      Leicestershire
Rod Warboys                 Kent
Andy Barnes                  Sussex

and the tests are to be played on :-

Wednesday 13th July at Old Buckenham CC
Wednesday 20th July at Radlett CC.
Friday 29th July at  Burridge CC