Player Information from Mark Boyns

Hi everyone,

Following discussion with the management board I have agreed to come forward and do the following to improve communication and co-ordination for the club;

* Chair cricket committee meetings
* Represent the cricket committee at management board
* Represent the club at league and external meetings
* Be a point of contact both internally and externally

Taking on this set of responsibilities gives me the old title of cricket chairman again but you will notice that most of the things I did previously will be either done by a larger group of people or not at all.

Cricket committee meetings are the first Tuesday of each month with management board meetings generally being the first Thursday. Please get in touch if you have anything to raise.

In terms of selection, the area that generally gets the most comment, this is to be dealt with by the captains as they man that committee. They will be any issues raised to the cricket committee if needed.

I will email monthly following the meetings or in case of an urgent matter but I am happy to be contacted via email at any time or grab me at the club.