Ronnie Stringer

I am sad to announce the death of Ronnie Stringer on June 14th.
Ronnie was a stalwart of amateur cricket and at the age of 81 was the leading league wicket taker at Sefton Park CC in 2004 with 37 wickets for
the lower teams.
Ronnie was born in Liverpool in 1923 and was amongst other things a baseball player and a decent runner in the 30's and 40's.
Ronnie Stringer

He was a very skilled man and worked in the docks as a Coppersmith for 50 years. When he retired he was irreplaceable so much so that a month later his employers asked him to go back!!

Ronnie also enjoyed a game of chess and a nice bottle of wine but it was
cricket that became his great love. He was a founder of the Vauxhall team
that continued playing friendlies up until 1979. At that time Vauxhall
ceased and their remaining players including Ronnie joined the LUSSAC
(university staff side) . To this day Ronnie has remained a regular player for the Staff side.
In recent years Ronnie played for Halsall and Sefton Park and continued to astound all who watched him with his skill and age defying agility. If he wasn't playing he was watching or umpiring. His wife Madge knew when the season arrived that wild horses could not keep Ronnie from the cricket pitch!!
He was a friend and wonderful colleague to all who knew him.He was the perfect example of decency and salt of the earth. It was my privilege to captain him for 15 years. I can honestly say I never worried about bowling him at anybody in University Staff matches or fielding him anywhere. He had a boyish love for the game that never left him. He particularly enjoyed the annual Staff tour to Cambridge where he had many more friends, admirers and wickets!!!.
Ronnie was a real gentleman whose team mates covered 3 generations often in the same game. He will be sorely missed but never forgotten. He
rejoins his old mate wicket keeper Alan Leaver who passed away 5 years ago. They collected over 250 dismissals between them. Alan always knew the exact figure. Their double act was once mentioned on Test Match special!!!
I am pretty sure stumped Leaver bowled Stringer may be seen in an
heavenly score book very soon.

Stuart Wade.

The funeral is on Tuesday June 21st at St Thomas in Melling at 1.30 p.m.
It will be followed by cremation at Thornton at 2.30 p.m and back to
Sefton Park CC from about 3.30pm.