Ian Carney

Sadly former President passed away on 4th November, below is Wilf Johnstone's appreciation.

"Ian Lawton Carney passed away on 4th November 2005, having been in poor health for some time.

Ian was always a keen cricket fan who joined Sefton Cricket Club, where his father Bernard (Barney) was already a member, at the tender age of ten. A deformity of the foot restricted his movement but he still managed to play cricket and captained the club's 'A' XI for several years.

The great loves of Ian’s life were his wife Doreen, who passed away in 2004, and his three children, Lindsey, Ann and Paul, all of whom produced grandchildren to complete an extremely happy family who were very supportive.

Cricket and the family car both figured prominently in his weekly routine and to see him, complete with wellies, washing his beloved Volvo car, was a very familiar sight on a Sunday morning in Garthdale Road.

Ian was a member of the Club Management Committee for many years and his long spell as First XI umpire earned him great respect from everybody for his honesty and dedication. His greatest honour was being appointed President of Sefton and he assumed the role with great dignity. Sadly his stay in office was a short one due to ill health.

Even when close to death he never complained despite his great pain and gained great comfort from the ever presence of the family he adored.

Ian Carney will long be remembered".