Minutes of the Sefton Park C.C. Management Board Meeting held on Thursday 4th September 2014.


Present: R Paisley (Chairman), T. Hughes, D Cunningham, R Forsyth, M Poole, M Boyns, and K Spencer.


Apologies: J Ledger, S Lomas, E Wood, J Kelly.


The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true record. Proposed K Spencer seconded D Cunningham


Matters Arising:

PPL Music Licence: Bob Paisley contacted Neil Edwards, Secretary of the League Cricketers Conference, who advised that little could be done other than pay the amount requested.

Proposed Preschool Nursery in Lower Pavilion: Talks have now been completed as our lease on the ground does not permit the ground to be let out to third parties.




Letter received from Dave Goodall, Liverpool Community Cricket Development Co-Ordinator, Lancashire Cricket Board, conveying his thanks and appreciation for the support the club had given him in his role as Lancashire Cricket Boards Community Cricket Co-ordinator for the city. Particular thanks to Dave Cunningham, Jan Kelly and her staff, Robert Jobson for his hard work throughout the season. TH to reply to Dave Goodall




Invoices due for payment £5061.83 VAT (May/Jun/Jul) payable 07-Sepember-2014

John Okeffe & Sons Ltd £618

Keith made the Board aware that an amount of £6000.18 would show in this year’s accounts as a previous year write off, this is due to incorrect accounting that showed monies owed to the club in the Financial Report at the end of November 2013, had been received in 2013. Keith had discussed this issue with the Auditor who confirmed his findings.


St Margaret’s had advised the club that an invoice was outstanding for the hire of cricket nets during the winter: Keith to discuss with Ted.


A Profit and Loss YTD account was distributed.


Mike advised the Board that the annual rent is due for review by Liverpool City Council in 2015; the current rate is £2550 per annum. Mike also gave an overview of events since the year 2000.



A business review showing income for each bar compared with 2013 and expenditure against budget was reported:            see attached report.

Functions room bookings had seen an increase for Periods 7, 8, 9 and 10. Against the same periods in 2013



Door lock in the ladies toilet had been replaced

Baby changing mat now located in the ladies toilet

Kitty Doyle’s bench has been repaired and a new bench replaced by her family

Damaged windows caused by cricket balls will be replaced.


Child Welfare

Nothing to report at this time



Nothing to report in the absence of Stuart and Ben



After an incident during an away game with Newton Le Willows two players from SPCC have been suspended by the club, one for eight weeks and one for 4 weeks.

The Cricket Committee and the Board were disappointed that these two players had brought the club into disrepute and had not apologised to the club or fellow players.


Cricket Chair to write to the League requesting fixture schedules be looked at for season 2015 to prevent clubs having three away fixtures on the trot which has a occurred on a number of occasion this season, this plays a major part in the management of the clubs cash flow.


Cricket Committee meeting will take place on 15-September-2014.


Teams outstanding bar bills will be looked into by Cricket Chair.



Two new senior members.



The Board expressed their appreciation to Paul Foulder for organising the ‘Pig Racing’ evening which was enjoyed by all attending.


Hot Pot Supper will take place on26-September-2014



None at this time




Meeting closed at 8.40pm


Tom Hughes