Sefton Park Cricket Club

Minutes of the Management Board Meeting on Thursday 4 December 2014

Present: Bob Paisley (chair), Eric Wood, Dave Cunningham, Ben Rispin, Ted Williams, Stuart Lomas, Keith Spencer, Mike Poole, Richard Forsyth, Mark Boyns.

Apologies: Tom Hughes, Jan Kelly.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Proposed: Keith Spencer; Seconded: Eric Wood

Matters Arising

Paul Bryson has confirmed the Sky subsidy for coaching courses is now used up front to discount the price rather than claimed after the course has been completed.

Mike raised some questions regarding the deal which brought Bajan cricketers to the club on the Lord Gavron Scholarship:

Is there any confirmation that the club will receive a player in 2015? A Memorandum of Understanding between the BCA and LCB named Wavertree and Sefton Park cricket clubs.

Does the club have any confirmation that the donation to Liverpool Cricket Development Group to remain part of the scheme will remain at £1000 per year?

ACTION: Mark to speak to Dave Goodall

ACTION: Keith to check whether recent payment was for 2014 or 2015.

Mike also asked whether the card payment system was still worthwhile given the costs.  Around £100 of the £700 charge to date was at the start when the club was not PCI compliant so incurred higher charges.  Discretion will be used on when to charge; for example for members, annual subs or function room bookings.  Charges to continue to be monitored.


Letter received from Liverpool Cricket Development Group thanking club for donation to Liverpool Cricket Development Group.

£50 invoice received from Merseyside Youth Cricket.


100 Club current account: ~£7,800

Keith has requested £4,000 from the 100 Club to assist cashflow through the winter.  Wilf Johnstone has agreed to this.  Some concern was voiced that 100 Club funds are going towards keeping the club going rather than on specific projects to improve the club.

Keith has completed the books for 2013-14 financial year to October and these will go to the auditor shortly.  They will show a deficit of £6,667 – although £6,000 of this should have showed in 2012-13 due to an accounting error (no provision of VAT to be paid and overstated debtors).  If this were the case, the accounts would show a loss of around £14,000 in 2012-13 and a loss of £667 in 2013-14.

A draft of the 2013-14 finances was distributed.  Utilities are still high at £15,000pa whilst member subscriptions income was up £1,800 on the previous year.

The fruit machine has been running at a loss as around 50% of the £800 debt has been being paid off and the aim is to completely pay off this debt by Spring 2015 after which there will be income from the machine.  Potential alternatives or additions to the fruit machine, such as a quiz machine, were discussed.

Small Business Rate Relief was extended for a further 12 months in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement which maintains the club’s current status as the better option rather than CASC.


Monthly business report to be included with minutes.

13 functions were booked in the remainder of December.


Stuart had met with a solar panel provider and was awaiting a quote which should include details around how much money could potentially be saved.  Discussion regarding potential for funding from club members or the Liverpool Renewable Co-operative.  Grants would also be a key area for financing but planning permission would be the first challenge!

Stuart had met with Cllr Lawrence Brown and discussed his potential support for club developments such as solar panels, double glazing, minor extensions, new net facility and raised areas outside the pavilion.  The meeting was positive and Cllr Brown is hoping to get down to watch some games in the summer.  Stuart hopes to meet with the other two Greenbank ward councillors in the near future.

Stuart fed back from the Pavilion Development Workshop:

A lack of 3, 5 or 10 year plans (beyond the reduction of debt).  It was felt the club would be more appealing to current and new members, the community and potential investors/sponsors if they knew what the club was planning to do.

There was general belief that the club may be more successful as a business if it changed its licence from a private members bar to open up to non-members.  This would clearly require a thorough investigation and business plan before any decision could be made.

Promotions and offers should be made to rejuvenate the members bar, especially during quiet periods.

Efforts could be made to make the outdoor areas of the club more amenable and attractive to drinking at all times, especially on non-matchdays, as this is potentially a unique selling point.  Picnic tables rather than just benches, or tables taken outside.

Signs from the main roads were discussed.  Dave has spoken to the brewery who are happy to finance a sign for the car park entrance through free barrels which would be a good start.

ACTION: Stuart to look to work with each section to develop medium to long-term plans and combine these into an overarching plan.

Other Actions from Workshop: Phil Calrow to contact the city council to request they fit benches on or behind the bank.

Mark Boyns to look to set up a monthly sports quiz.

Chris Mitchell to look into cheaper alternatives for the website and to increase content.

John Davies to liaise with James Hague regarding setting up groups to assist with repairs.

Nicola Lomas offered to set up an HR review to review employment contracts and job descriptions (both for paid employees and volunteer roles) employee and to set up employee appraisals to set out targets, goals and consequences for good and poor performance.


Kitchen had been steam cleaned.

Cleaning of the lower pavilion had started.  Lower pavilion toilets raised as needing addressing.

Lightbulbs replaced as required.


Mark Wilkie and Adam Irwin have been recruited to strengthen the 1st XI. The club is in talks with other players but they are yet to commit.

The club has expressed an interest in entering the ECB U19s National Knockout which will run independently from the L&DCC U16 and U21 KOs.

Plan to enter a second Sunday XI into a new L&DCC Development XI structure which will involve 6-8 teams playing 10-14 games.  This side would replace the Sunday Friendly XI.

CALM Sixes Tournament to be moved to the Sunday of the August Bank Holiday.

Richard outlined plans to move senior team training and selection to Tuesday evenings and potentially lower team training to Thursdays.  A breakdown of which evenings the ground is in use would be useful to planning and arranging ad hoc training sessions.

England Physical Disability game has been confirmed for 12 July.  Two T20 games will be played.

Liverpool College has been booked for Under 9s and Under 11s indoor coaching from 6-7pm on Fridays.


No new members.

Ted requested a junior contact list as there are concerns that juniors who do not attend Signing-on Night are not paying annual subs. 

ACTION: Ted and Bob to liaise.


Thanks to Dave Hort, John Davies and Terry Macklin for organising Novemberfest social event.

100 Club Christmas Draw with Formby Brass Band is now on Tuesday 16 December.

Christmas Carvery is on Sunday 21 December.  Tickets are £15 and interest has been good.

Stuart now has a list of addresses to deliver Christmas Raffle tickets to members.  Tickets are beginning to be returned but a big job ahead to get a high proportion back!

Any Other Business


Date of Next Meeting

Next meeting scheduled for Thursday 8 January 2015 at 7.30pm.