Minutes of the Sefton Park C.C. Management Board Meeting held on Tuesday 06th March 2014.


Present: R Paisley (Chairman), D. Cunningham, T. Hughes, M. Poole, S Lomas, Mrs J Kelly, B Rispin and K Mercer.


Apologies: E Williams, J Ledger, J Jackson, E Woods, R Forsyth.


The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true record. Proposed S Lomas seconded K Mercer.


Matters Arising:

Liverpool University Cricket had agreed to the proposed SPCC match fee and cricket teas.



Letter from Liverpool Cricket Development, thanking SPCC for a donation of £1000.



Treasurer is currently discussing with the previous treasurer the transfer of banking details and electronic software and financial details.

Meeting of Finance Sub Committee to take place on Thursday 20th March 2014



An unannounced visit of the Food & Health Authority took place on Thursday 6th March 2014 which resulted in a mark of three out of five, an improvement in general housekeeping, stock rotation and more frequent cleaning of equipment, fridge freezers required.   TH, DC and JK to meet Thursday 12th March 2015.



Nothing to report at this time,




First job is to complete SPCC Development Plan.

Increase members on the Development Committee.


Below are some thoughts of future ideas:

Former Players Day

Ladies Day

Christmas raffle

Job descriptions of Management Committee

Applying for a film location

Football World Cup

Involvement with ‘Events in the Park’




With the Cricket Chairman position being vacant Tom will take responsibility for player’s registration and Bob for player’s subscriptions.

Stuart, to advise the League of change in contacts.





Two new non playing members

A letter to members requesting donations to enable re-furbishment of areas in the pavilion to be sent out with subscription renewal letters.


Fund Raising:

Cricket Force Day will take place on 05th April 2014.


Matters arising from the AGM:


Minutes to be distributed to members via the website and notice boards

Action TH and RP

Catering encourage people booking functions to use the club caterer

Action TH and DC

Auditor to sign off accounts

Action K Mercer

Separate income and expenditure accounts for Junior Cricket particularly advising the expenditure of the ASDA bag pack.

Action KM and EW



Waiting news from Barbados re scholarship partnership for the coming season. .




Meeting closed at 9.05pm


Tom Hughes