Minutes of the Sefton Park C.C. Management Board Meeting held on Thursday 3rd September 2015.


Present: R Paisley (Chair), T. Hughes, S Lomas, K Spencer, M Boyns and D Cunningham.


Apologies: E Williams, J Kelly, R Forsyth, B Rispin, L Tollady and

E Wood


The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true record.  Proposed M Boyns seconded D Cunningham.


Matters Arising:

It was advised that the stock taker had to cancel his visit to review the discrepancy reported last month, he has rearranged for w/c 07-Sep-15.


One player has paid his subscription. RP and MB to discuss outside of the meeting to identify players who have not paid.



Nothing to report at this time



40% down on subscriptions compared to last year, proposed senior registration evening be held prior to the season to collect subscriptions similar to the junior registration evening.


Expenditure must be approved by the Treasurer prior to committing the club to fund/meet any costs.



Utilities will all be with OPUS on the 1st October 2015 reducing expenditure.


Waste collection will move to another provider on the 1st October 2015 reducing expenditure.


Scooter club will be held on Sunday 20-Sep-2015.



New gas meters installed in both pavilions.

Leak repaired in ladies toilet by Ian Spencer.

Work on the ladies floor is near completion again by Ian Spencer.



Child Welfare

Nothing to report at this time




TH advised that Jim Pinsent had met with a council official to discuss planning permission for a “Three Lane, Caged Net” facility.

The outcome was not promising as the plans have to be discussed at the Sefton Park Forum who will meet in the third quarter. The Forum includes some of the following groups:

Friends of Sefton Park


SPCC Archery and bowling club

And more!!!

The council official was supportive of the idea to install the net facility but could foresee issues coming from the Forum and the Council Planning Committee.

Jim will email the plans etc to the Council for discussion at the Forum.


SL advised that architects drawings for the pavilion make over will be drawn up by Harry Wharton at no cost to the club and could be finalised in the next few weeks.


ECB open day took place on 30th August 2015.


Darts night has been changed to a Tuesday night commencing in September to increase revenue as this is the quietest night of the week.




Mark had hopefully found a replacement (s) to succeed Rob and it was agreed RP, TH, MB, KS, Charlie, Rob and DC meet on Thursday 10th September 2015 to finalise a job description and processes for the coming year. A meeting with the proposed groundsman will then take place at a future date.


“Last Man Stands” had contacted Mark to enquire if the club could be used as a base to play limited over cricket leagues, Mark to discuss further details and charges.


Winter nets have been booked with an earlier time for juniors which will be followed by seniors. The booking has been reduced by two weeks to reduce costs.


Purchase of new cricket balls for next season will be greatly reduced as we have stock remaining from this year.

Cricket budget for 2016 will be looked at to make the income and expenditure realistic.


Bowling machine requires to be replaced and will be self funding.


It was agreed to place two members on an ECB coaching course during the winter at a cost of £250 each. MB to arrange.



As discussed under finance.



Hot pot supper will be held on 25-Sep-2015

Rob’s farewell to be held on Saturday 3rd October 2015

Social evening to be held 16th October 2015 with “Split Decision” entertaining.


Comedy night will be held on Saturday 7th November 2015.


Junior barbecue was an excellent day, thanks to everyone who made it happen.



Nothing to report at this time


Date of next meeting 8th October 2015



Meeting closed at 8.35pm

Tom Hughes