Sefton Park CC



The year got off to a difficult start with several nominations at the AGM withdrawing on the night. This necessitated holding an EGM in March at which Stuart Marshall-Clarke was elected Chairman, me as Secretary (on the understanding it was for one year only), Stuart Wade as Cricket Chair and Edward Parker as Business Chair. Sadly Edward was not able to continue for long due to family commitments so the position remained vacant for the rest of the year, leaving a great deal of extra work for the new Chairman. Ron Ashcroft has been missing from the scene for a good part of the year following his heart attack. I am pleased to say that he is now back in circulation and has returned to work, on a part time basis to begin with.


Although this year was the start of Stuart Marshall-Clarke’s reign as Chairman what a hands on Chairman he has proved to be. He seems to do more than everyone else put together, from working on the lower ground, clearing rubbish, running meetings, liaising with staff, initiating new policies and even having time to work and play cricket. I would personally like to thank him for his unstinting efforts on behalf of the club. I think he also realised, if he didn’t know before, that running Sefton is exactly the same as running a small business and is very difficult and time consuming. This was also Raza Salim’s first year as Treasurer but sadly for us will be his last. As well as becoming a father for the first time he is also starting a new job in Coventry and is therefore moving back to his home town of Milton Keynes. We shall miss him and wish him and Jules well in their new life away from Merseyside. Howard Parker too will be missing from the Sefton cricket scene next season as he has decided to take a break from cricket to spend more time with his wife and new baby. It must be something in the water!


On the staffing front, Michael O’Mahony retired from the position of groundsman and yet again Charlie stepped into the breach to help out. We have now employed a new groundsman, Steve Briggs, who the majority of members will not have met yet but no doubt will once the season begins again in April.


A major issue the Board have had to embrace this year is the ECB’s new ‘Safe Hands Policy, relating to the protection of children, i.e. under 18s. We, as a club, will have to appoint a Child Welfare Officer at the AGM and it is now mandatory for nearly everyone to have CRB checks if they have any contact with children, whether it be on the cricket field or off. This new policy does raise issues with regard to overseas players and coaching. Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Jamaica etc do have a similar set up in their countries but Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and some West Indian islands do not. This means that anyone from Australia, for example, must have been security checked by the CRB’s Overseas Information Service to enable them to work with children. Anyone from the other countries must obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct or criminal record from the Police Authority or High Commission of their home country. The Club must then inform the ECB of all their details. Clubs that fail to obtain clearance or fail to notify the ECB will not be able to show that they have implemented the child welfare policy of the ECB, which is a requirement for Sport England Clubmark accreditation and for all funding applications from public bodies (including funding from the Community Club Development Fund). Clubs may also breach the terms of their insurance policy if they fail to follow the ECB Child Welfare Policy. So as you can see it is vitally important that we follow all the rules but it does also mean a lot more work and form filling but these days you cannot be too careful and the welfare of our younger members is and always will be paramount.


Again we did employ an overseas player this year, Ramesh Power, much to the consternation of many members. Unfortunately he brought his new wife with him which did make for a very difficult situation as he did not socialise much both with the playing and non playing members. As his brother was playing for Maghull he and his wife spent nearly the entire week in the north end of the Merseyside which was not, as far as I was concerned, acceptable. If we are to employ an overseas player I personally think they need to be single and to integrate totally into the club by working on the ground, helping out at junior nets and generally getting involved in the club.


Dave Finnan, the Franchisee, has continued successfully on the catering front. It is the Board’s policy that the Franchisee be the first port of call regarding catering and that the customer is informed that a reduction in the hire charge will ensue if employing the Franchisee. If the customer still wishes to self cater, he/she should then be informed that the cost of hiring the function room will be more. Although self-catering is permitted it is of vital importance both to the franchisee and the club that, if possible, the franchisee is employed to do the majority of the catering.


On the cricket side, 2005 was again a successful season with no teams being relegated. Well done to all the captains and players and here’s hoping they can stay where they are and perhaps win a trophy or two in 2006.


As you are no doubt aware, having received a communication in the post, we have launched a grand fund raising campaign for 2006 to help pay for a new roof that, by the time of the AGM, will be completed. Over the years the Board acknowledge that it has been guilty of putting off the roof issue – there always seemed to be other things that needed doing – but it soon became obvious this winter that this issue could not be postponed any longer. Wilf Johnstone, fund raiser champion, is the banker and first point of call. At the time of going to print, things are looking very hopeful. Please, if you can, support us.


Unfortunately for me, as Raz is leaving, I am to take on the Treasurer’s role yet again if voted in at the AGM. This is only a stop gap solution until a permanent Treasurer can be found but somebody has to pay the bills!  New, younger faces on the Board are definitely required. Where are the new Board members, you are out there somewhere?


Membership numbers have, unfortunately, decreased this year as can be seen below. Please do all you can to introduce new members into the Club to help it continue to thrive.


Sadly during the past year the following members or members relatives have passed away – Wally Cribbin, Kevin Edwards, Ronnie Stringer, Roy Burton, Ian Carney, Mary Green, Alan Taylor, Ellen Mitchell, baby Harvey Hazelhurst, Ann Faulkner, Glyn Jones and Ron Cox. Sympathies are extended to all their families and friends.


Finally, many thanks to all those members who give of their time voluntarily for the good of the club and good luck to all the teams in the coming season. Let’s hope it is a hot and dry one.


Jean Wharton






MEMBERSHIP 2005     



Cricket Senior Player                   36

Cricket Senior Player & Partner   4

Non-Player                                        67

Non-Playing Family                  72

Senior Citizen                                    67

Senior Citizen & Partner                  38

Cricket Student                                  11

Non-Resident                                      4

Paid Life                                            21

Honorary Life                              11

Vice Presidents                                 23

Honorary                                            20

                                TOTAL          374







10 Meetings

           S Marshall-Clarke (Chair)              10

           D Dennis                             10

           R Paisley                             9

           J Wharton                           9

           J Ledger                              8

           R Salim                               6 

           M Poole                              4

           J Morgan                             4

           B Moore (Co-opted October)           3             C Wylie (Co-opted  November)           3

           R Ashcroft                                         2

           H Parker                              2

           S Wade                                1

           E Parker                              1