Sky Times

Sky’s first visit to the club was thought a success by all concerned (hopefully by Sky, too) and consisted of a pub quiz ably hosted by Jamie Bowman and mini-interviews with the first team and members in the garden.

The first installment of Club Life will hopefully be shown in the lunch-break of the first Test on Saturday 19th May on Sky Sports 1.

Sky are next due on Bank Holiday Monday (28th May) to cover the renewal of the Sefton/Liverpool (Shack/HQ) rivalries at 1st team level.

We’re hoping for a great turnout with plenty of vocal support. A barbeque has been mooted…

Winning streak

All four Saturday teams now have wins under their collective belt. The 2s had an especially good start and the 1s and 4s have picked things up after slow starts.

The 3s have played two less games than everyone else at present, having one rescheduling and one abandonment due to rain, but a strong side will surely pick things up before long.

The Sunday 11 has started well with two draws and a win. Good to have you back, Hazo!

Stand-out performances

There have been several notable performances in games across the teams so far. Those receiving a cyber iced-bun include (deep breath):


B. Moore - 67

D. Poskitt - 5-60

C Bellis - 60

D. Baird 82


P. Kelly - 6-50

M. Pownall - 56

P.Calrow -75*

N Cockrell 86, 57


O. Shears 50*

R Brown 5-41 (Technically that should’ve been six)

J Surtees-Smith 62

P Singh 5-20


S. Isaac 55

I. Seabury 53

A special mention for Stu Lomas’ bowling figures for the thirds on 6th May. 0.1 Overs, No Maidens, No Wicket, Six Runs. Attaboy!

Manager of the Month!

After much* deliberation the award for April goes to Hazo for his unbeaten start to the year! Only one win but in the other 2 games he was only a ball for victory in each. Max “Ramesh” Hill came a close 2nd with 2 wins from 3, the panel deciding a disappointing loss to Huyton was enough to sway the decision Hazo’s way…

*some/a little

Hard to Bear

The homo-erotic team rivalries between the first and seconds gathers pace as we enter the busy May period with 6 separate point scoring opportunities on offer in The Player’s League. However, it’s bad news for mankind everywhere at the moment as a Bear is running away with it.

After a promising start for the humans, ably led by Pete Kelly, Dave “The Bear” Poskitt has devoured everything in his path to dominate the competition to date with an impressive 69 points, over double that of his nearest rival Senior Junior Baird, who has 34 points after last Saturday’s heroics. Pete Kelly is next on 33 points with Alright Robbie & Chimp tied for 4th on 31.

There’s better news in the 6’s League however, with Nick Cockrell leading the way with 3 lusty maximums to his name, closely pursued by Phil “Chimp” Calrow and Moore Out with 2 apiece. Commiserations to Matty Phyd for his magnificent Sunday cup strike which unfortunately DOES NOT COUNT!

Face, man!

Nick Cockrell has started a Facebook page for the club for the hip cats in the club. To join get in touch with Nick with your email address for discussions on whose is the campest picture and whether a certain member of the club is ‘hot or not’.

Who are we talking about? Head to the site to find out!

Junior Senior

Junior nets have commenced for the season on Monday nights at 6.30pm. Help is needed every week, all volunteers most welcome. Many thanks to Hazo, Phyd, Horty, Pete Kell & Gaz Cowley for their help this Monday.

Net Amount

Thanks to Ben Moore’s sterling work the club has secured a £2K grant to go towards building some new nets. We’re still awaiting news on potential further investments, so fingers crossed!

Dave Who…?!

Finally, and much as it pains him to say it, Ben Moore would like to go on record & congratulate Dave Poskitt for winning the 1st Division’s bowling award for April. “About time too you lazy……Bear!”. Great achievement, keep up the good work Possa!

If you have any news to contribute to the next newsletter – date of arrival uncertain – drop us a line on