Hello and a happy new year to everyone reading (Jamie,
Iwan and Stu),

After the ups and downs of last season everyone's just
about got over how sick they were of cricket and is
looking forward to another season of heart- and

To begin with, something of a rallying cry. We've
switched breweries during the off-season to Hyde
breweries so Guinness is no longer 44 a pint.

To celebrate we're having a club bash on Friday
January 25th, which everyone at the club is encouraged
to attend. There'll be pig racing (insert Bowman joke
here), food, live music from Sarah Chidlow and beer or
pop aplenty, so head along on the 25th to support your

We need as many people through the door as possible,
so bring whoever you can. Please let Dave, or whoever
is behind the bar know you're attending.

Groundforce day

The second event for your diary is Groundforce Day on
5th April, to whcih the chairman has actually promise
to turn up to this year.

The last couple of years have been a big success with
lots of important work done on the ground, and even
more important work done in the bar later. Bacon
butties will be provided for the faithful, some
betting fun will be had with the Grand National, and
lots of toilets will be scrubbed, as is traditional.

There won't be a post-Groundforce bash afterwards this
year, but there will be my 21st birthday celebration
the week after, with karaoke, food, booze and Jamie
getting tasered. All are welcome. For anyone who
doesn't know what TASERing is, it's this:



Nets begin on Wednesday 30th January from 7-9pm. If
you're aged between 11 and 18 start practising your
bouncers now.

Plasma screen and pool table

Due to a kind donation from a club member we now have
a plasma screen in the bar, so mark all those footy
and cricket dates in the diary and make sure you get
down to the club to watch them.

We're also on the look-out for a second-hand pool
table, so if anyone knows anyone get in touch with
Chris Wylie at


The club is looking for sponsors for the 2008 season,
so if you know someone who can be parted with a bit of
spare cash for match ball sponsorship, kit sponsorship
or buying an advertising canvas at the club, let Wylo


The Club's AGM is scheduled for 28th February.
Everyone who whinges at the club and the think they
can run it better should attend. If you don't, you
lose whinging rights for the season.


Anyone know a groundsman looking for a job, or someone
happy to spend their weekends cutting grass? As it
stands we don't have a groundsman for 2008, which
means a lot of work for players before games, so we
could do with finding one. Best of luck to Briggsy who
is moving on as Keeper of the Greens.


Speaking of departures who can forget Ben Moore crying
like a baby at the hotpot night? It may not have been
clear at the time but Ben has moved on from the

We welcome Rob Houghton as new club captain, who will
hopefully prove more communicative and outgoing than
his predecessor. Do let Rob know what you think of the
state of the club, especially if it's 11.30 on a
saturday night. All the captains love that.


Speaking of captains, we also welcome Jamie 'Bowser'
Bowman and Mark 'Boynsy' Boyns to the fifth and sunday
captaincy respectively. Good luck lads - at the end of
the day it's about the kids.

And finally, can anyone spot who this B-boy is?


If you have any news relating to the club that you
want to share via the newsletter please

contact Robin Brown by email or on 0151 726 1341