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Senior Membership

Member Details

Type of Membership you are applying for

Disability / Medical / Allergies

We will use this information to establish if there are any additional needs / support / adjustments that you may require.

If you prefer, please discuss anything with our Welfare Officer. It will only be shared with the people who need to know.

Please detail any important medical information that our coaches / co-ordinators need to know and which would be affected by your participation in club activities. Please include: allergies; medical conditions (for example - epilepsy, asthma); current medication; special dietary requirements, any additional needs, and / or any injuries. (If there are none, please indicate this):

I consent to the details being shared with club co-ordinators for the purposes of the delivery of safe participation in the cricket club activity.

Engagement with the Club

Sefton Park Cricket Club is a club that is run by volunteers. Our financial outlays are numerous so as a result we are ALWAYS looking for ways to raise money to help the club & its members. We are ALWAYS looking for people to volunteer their time and skills to aid the club.

As a Club Member, would you be willing to give some time as a volunteer to help out the club?
I agree to be contacted via email about


By filling in this entire form, clicking the switch below and typing my name into the final section, I confirm that all of the information provided is correct.

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Your content has been submitted

The Management Board retain the right to refuse membership, or remove it, if it is deemed to be in the best interests of Sefton Park Cricket Club. 

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