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Bar Reopening

As per the Government's roadmap, the bar at Sefton will be open from Monday 12 April. We will only be able to open for outdoor drinking until Monday 17 May at the earliest. There are lots of rules we need to abide by and these will affect you if you want to sit in front of the main pavilion or the rose garden as this is the club's licensed outdoor area. Please bear with us and our staff as there will no doubt be teething issues; the club, like many bars, is set up to run very differently! Everyone will need to sign in before entering this area. To enable this we will have a "wait to be seated" policy at the entrance from the car park. Staff will greet you, sign you in and take you to your seat. The entrance from the car park will be the only entrance and the gate from the bank will be locked. Once in this area you will need to stay in your group and remain seated at all times except for going to the toilet or exiting. All service will be table service. The toilets in the main pavilion will be open and there will be a one way system entering through the function room and out through the members bar. Face coverings MUST be worn whilst inside the pavilion. Maximum group size will be six. If you are from different households it would make life much easier if you gather before and enter the licensed area together! Children are welcome but must be well behaved and sit with their groups. Actually, that goes for adults too! Drinks cannot be taken out of the licensed area. Whilst cricket matches can be played in a bubble of 30 people, once players and officials enter the licensed area they must sign in and stay in groups of six. Captains will be made aware of how this will work. Contactless card payments strongly preferred but cash will be accepted. You will need to pass your membership card to your server on ordering to obtain members discount. Cash will need to be paid with the order, card payments will be made on receipt of drinks. If you are wishing to book a group in please contact Stuart Lomas on with details of your group (number of people, arrival time, approximate planned departure time) or call the club once we are open. We will have very limited space and we will not hold seats if you are late.

Bar Opening Times Clearly as we can only open for outdoor drinking, it is highly likely that there will be some days where we are not able to open. It snowed this week! If we are not able to open then we will communicate this on social media and contact anyone who has booked. Largely due to our position in a public park it is not really feasible to have tents or heaters. The current plan for opening times are: Monday 5.30pm - close Tuesday 6.30pm - close Wednesday 5.30pm - close Thursday 6.30pm - close Friday 6.30pm - close Saturday 12.00pm - close Sunday 12.00pm - close Closing time will vary depending on weather and number of customers but we are not envisaging being open particularly late - it is still early spring and it will get cold! If there are nights without any customers then we will close at 8pm. Due to the additional tasks required there will be additional staffing costs so we will be reviewing opening times as we go along. Any changes, whether one-off or for a longer period, will be communicated.

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