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Captains View - 2XI Andrew Aitchison

Our second Captains view of the 2021 season, this time from 2XI Captain Andrew Aitchison

A quick summary of the season from a Captains perspective

It was clear early on that based on the quality of opposition and the resources we had available that survival would be our aim this year.

8 wins is a brilliant return in a season where we punched above our weight. No team in the division beat us twice, we always showed character to bounce back from low scores, defeats or poor bowling days. We trusted youth and those that come up from the lower teams and that trust was repaid as everyone contributed and improved, some beyond recognition. It wasn’t about if your name fits or how good you look in nets, it was about delivering as a team on a Saturday. On top of that the spirit of the team was exceptional and one of the best groups of lads I’ve ever captained.

Your favourite moment

Ibrahim and Leo hugging after Leo hit two sixes in an over to beat Liverpool. This was the second time two under 15s had been at the crease together to see us home after S&B earlier in the year.

Your favourite match

Orrell RT at home, they had rolled us for 20 in the previous game and they won the toss and put us in. We really dug deep with the batting and got to a defendable score of 171. It was topsy turvy game and they were on top needing only 10 to win and 6 wickets down with a batsman on 70. We turned it around with DK ripping through them. Special mention about the Liverpool game were 15 year old Leo single handed my led us to victory with two sixes in the last over but analysing the whole game Orrell was the best overall.

Your favourite away ground

We are lucky to play at belters almost every week but none of the them are as good as Sefton. Favourite this year was Wallasey because they are the best for hospitality, whatever the result they are a good group of lads who have a laugh after the game.

Your unsung hero of the side

LJP made a massive difference to the attitude of the side when he came in, nothing less than 100% all the time, Alan Durand in a Similar way, embodied the determination and attitude of the 2s. Beamer was available for every single game even though he had a new born child mid season, that kind of commitment can go unnoticed but not by me, he was brilliant.

Your honourable mentions

Billy Conlan umpired every game and Rob Parkinson scored brilliantly in the latter half of the season.

A lot of lads had done well for the 3s but didn’t necessarily expect to be playing a big part for the 2s but I would have been lost without the attitude and performances from James Daniels, Mark Boyns, Chris Mitchell, LJP, Heano and Paul Morris.

Your player to watch out for in 2022

I can’t mention just 1 sorry!

Leo in the 1s, exceptional talent already at 15. It’s scary!

Young Tom Spillsbury in the 2s is already good enough to have a massive year.

Ibrahim Ahmed will have a big year after learning so much this year, he wants to learn and improve and his attitude is brilliant.

Adam Ahmed could become a solid all rounder, again brilliant attitude.

Dave Kelly will be looking to get 50 wickets, he’s a warrior you want in your side every week and leads by example.

Sam Parkinson’s improvement is exceptional and I expect him to get better, pushing for the gloves and a top 6 batting spot.

Andrew Hales will get better and better I expect him to do even better next year.

If we get a full season of James Stirling he could become an outstanding batsman/keeper.

Anything else you want to add

Thanks to the lads for their efforts, their attitude, their support and just being top blokes!

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