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Player Profile of the Week - James Daniels

Updated: Jun 16

This week we find out more about Third XI batter James Daniels who is also the club's secretary. James has been a regular in senior cricket for over ten years now and is nearing 200 games for Sefton. During that time he has scored 11 half-centuries and one century.

Name: James Daniels

Age: 25

James Daniels (pic: Bob Paisley)

What are your earliest memories of cricket?

"Playing cricket in the back garden with my dad. Watching cricket I remember being absolutely gripped by the 2005 Ashes and watching Freddie Flintoff play. Me, my dad and my cousin were some of the thousands who were locked out at Old Trafford on the last day. I was only six. Dad had stopped playing but he got back into it on the back of me getting into it."

How did you end up at Sefton?

"I actually started at Alder when I was a junior but then we moved house and were closer to Sefton. Dad was playing for his old school team, St Mary's Old Boys and I did actually play for them a few times! After a couple of years when I was 14 or 15 I started at Sefton and haven't looked back. The players I remember playing with in the juniors were people like Mike Row, Greg Harvey, Joe Taylor, Joe Francis and Harry Devaney. We had a good team."

Which players who've you played with have stood out?

"The one who stands out the most is probably one of the players I've played with the most and that's Chris Mitchell. His consistency never fails to impress me, club legend that he is. All those wickets he takes and then he comes in and embarrasses us batters by getting runs as well. He was my first senior captain as well."

At which ground (apart from Sefton) do you enjoy playing at the most?

"I've always done quite well when we've played New Brighton at Wayfarers. I remember once playing them six times in eight games at the start of the season when I was playing for both the threes and the fours! Ormskirk are probably the bane of my life - I never score runs against them."

What has been the highlight of your time at Sefton so far?

"There are cricketing highlights but I would say the main highlights have been making friends and memories. Cricketing-wise there are a few stand outs - firstly when the Fours won the league to get promoted. That was such an enjoyable season to be part of and I think I played most games - being a part of something like that was really good. I'll always remember playing my first senior 50 as it was in a Threes vs Fours match as well so it was nice to do it in front of a big Sefton contingent."

What made you get involved with Sefton off the pitch?

"I'm some one who likes to try and get involved and make things better. During Covid, Mark Boyns wanted people to take up the mantle. I was in university at the time so had a bit of time on my hands so I thought I'd give it a go. My dad's chairman now and I get to spend time with him and there's always something to talk about."

What do you think of the club in 2024?

"On a really nice sunny day I can't think of many better places to be.

"What the two SJs (Sarah Johns and Sarah Jackson) have done in terms of building the women and girl's sections is just amazing and they have been additions to the club. Everyone should support them as much as they can."

What do you hope to achieve personally this season?

"I'm getting close to 3,000 runs for Sefton so I've got that in my mind. I plan to keep playing for the foreseeable and occasionally I look at the the list of the top scorers and you see loads of great players - I'm not one of them but with sheer persistence I might get on that leader board!"

Outside of cricket what are your interests?

"I work for Wirral Council in their legal department. I love running and I'm very interested in history and politics. My fingers are crossed it will be a good few weeks for the country!"

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